Inventing a new platform to help university students connect and thrive.

Various app screens from the Might app

The challenge

Students are missing out on connections that can last a personal and professional lifetime. The social capital they build at college or university is crucial to their future success. But the job market is changing, and young people today are less likely than previous generations to harness their personal connections to gain employment.

Although the return to in-class learning is on the horizon, the global pandemic has caused increased uncertainty among students. Higher education can feel intimidating or isolating at the best of times, and remote learning has only amplified these feelings. While many social media apps tap into the power of connection, none are designed specifically for students to build their academic networks.

The solution

We created Mighty, a mobile app that helps post-secondary students connect and thrive at school. We invested in data collection and analysis, conducted over several years by our writing and research team with the participation of students and professors in Toronto.
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Mighty app smart connections screens and onboarding
Young person using the Mighty app to communicate with their classmates

As a Sandbox Labs original project, we developed the Mighty app in-house, bringing together our team of mobile developers, writers, researchers and UX/graphic designers. We also brought communication and marketing strategists into the fold to develop Mighty’s brand identity and design system.

Mighty colour wheel
Mighty course icons

With Mighty, students can easily visualize and track their degrees, while gaining insight into the academic paths of other students. They can learn more about their classmates, find students with similar courses or interests, or be prompted to meet someone entirely new. They can confidently chat anonymously within their classes, or connect with one another directly.

Various mobile screens from the Mighty app

The path forward

In 2021, we began beta testing at a university in Toronto, where we gathered analytics to inform the next phase of the project. We’ve conceptualized, coded, branded and tested the platform—creating a social experience that helps university students connect and thrive. The Sandbox Labs team is continuously refining the app, in preparation for our final launch to market.

Services we provided

  • Mobile Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • UX Copywriting