AI Futures

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI Policy.

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The client

CIFAR is a Canadian-based global research organization which launched the AI Futures Policy Labs in collaboration with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship.

The task

Transform what was once just an in-person workshop into an online resource, as well as update the visual identity of all of the workshop materials. The videos needed to bring policy leaders up to speed with the opportunities and challenges associated with artificial intelligence. They also needed to be engaging and in accessible language as CIFAR intended to upload the videos onto Youtube for the general public.

CIFAR workshop participants working with the large worksheet Sandbox designed

The result

We created a four-part video series to be included as a core learning component of CIFAR’s in-person workshops, or “labs”. We turned these workshops into a series of explainer videos, and we updated existing workshop materials – such as worksheets, large-scale canvases for group activities, and a facilitation guide – in English and French. We also made three trailers for the project.

Watch all 4 videos

Ai Futures - What is AI video thumbnailVideo play button
1. What is AI?
Ai Futures - How do we use AI video thumbnailVideo play button
3. How do we use AI?
Ai Futures - Policy Challenges of AI video thumbnailVideo play button
2. Policy Challenges of AI
Ai Futures - Policy solutions video thumbnailVideo play button
4. Policy Solutions

The videos cover the rapid development of artificial intelligence, policy responses to the growing influence of AI, and how the general public can expect AI to shift the global social milieu. They feature interviews with some of Canada’s leading experts in the field as well as dynamic b-roll, animation, motion graphics, and more. The video style coincided with the physical assets developed for the project. All assets produced were designed for sharing information and starting discussion, with accessibility across materials being a big focal point.

About this collaboration

Since its founding in 1982, CIFAR has evolved from a small group of Canadian academics to a leader in the global research community.

More than 1,000 researchers from over 30 countries have contributed to CIFAR’s research programs as fellows, advisors, Canada CIFAR AI Chairs, and CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars. CIFAR’s community of researchers is regularly recognized with major research awards including the Breakthrough Prize, the Turing Award, the Körber European Science Prize, and the Nobel Prize.

Every year, CIFAR welcomes over 3,000 international policy makers, scholars, and citizens to their workshops, symposia, and public events.

Services we provided

  • Mobile Development
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • UX Copywriting