We develop technology to bring new ideas to life.

What is sandbox labs

Sandbox Labs is where we explore fresh approaches to media, learning and storytelling, helping our partners navigate complicated digital landscapes.

How we got here

Sandbox Labs has been years in the making. As Sandbox Agency evolved, technology was a natural next step. Our clients are seeking solutions to create deeper audience awareness and engagement, and better learning outcomes. The onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic made this more urgent. Today, we develop technology that supports our agency work and our original content projects. On top of that, we’re creating brand new products in EdTech and media, with platforms that connect humans in a digital world.

a display of sandbox labs projects, which includes shots of mighty, dive, and pace
Our Process

When we bring a project into Sandbox Labs, it’s because we want to take an idea one step further. We’ve looked at a problem from all sides and discovered we can have a bigger impact by combining different skills, technologies and perspectives.

Sandbox Labs is where we connect people with a mix of talents and experiences—from film, design and technology, to education, policy and research. By putting our heads together, we can challenge the approach, rethink the problem, and find creative ways to solve it.

We can offer more blue sky ideas because we have a multidisciplinary team in-house who can build them. We find unexpected solutions with the potential for future applications long after a project has concluded.



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