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United Association Promotional Video Campaign

Live action
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Project details

We created a four-part series of live-action videos that explore different facets of the mandate, work and impact of the United Association of Canada. Each video is designed with a distinctive aesthetic choice in mind and delves into a specific topic: the role of tradespeople as frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, the mission and values of the United Association, how it strives for innovation across the trades, and its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. As part of this project, we also created a series of social media assets, including cut-down, reformatted vertical videos and still imagery to raise awareness and promote the organization.


United Association of Canada


Scriptwriting, Story Editing, Filming, Interviews, Editing, Sound/Music Design


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Content Producer: Laura Ann Fox

Cinematographer: Mark Klassen

Sr. Video Editor/Sound Designer: Dylan Butler

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