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UNDP - Preventing Violent Extremism

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Project details

The United Nations Development Programme Oslo Governance Centre is a network within the UN that supports Norwegian, Nordic and other partners from the South in developing policy options and post-crisis tools for governance support. Sandbox produced an explainer video about preventing violent extremism (PVE) and the ways in which UNDP contributes to PVE through their initiatives across the world. Our team combined multimedia elements such as archival footage, editorial footage, motion graphics and data visualization to break down complex subject matter and make it accessible to global audiences. It was presented at the UNDP’s Oslo III digital conference, which aims to understand how the violent extremism landscape has evolved and distil lessons for future research, policy and programming.


UNDP Oslo Governance Centre


Scriptwriting, Editing, Motion Graphics, Music/Sound


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Content Producer: Laura Ann Fox

Editor/Sound Designer: Dylan Butler

Graphic Designers: Kiija Gargarello and Ritu Kanal

Animator: Phil Scarano

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