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TEDxToronto 2019: Inside a city on the rise

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Project details

We produced three of these documentary shorts for the 2019 TEDxToronto speaker series. The videos feature six speakers from across the city: a spoken word poet, a web developer, an artist, a construction worker, the CEO of a food access non-profit organization and the founder and CEO of a restaurant chain. Using our unique audio-only interview approach, we created compelling and intimate portraits of our characters, putting them in conversation with one another to discuss the issues they think are most relevant to Toronto today, including housing and affordability, immigration, diversity and community. The series screened at the 2019 TEDxToronto event for an audience of over 1000, working in tandem with the 12 speakers of the day to raise critical questions and deliver on the theme of the year’s event, Rise.




Filming, Interviews, Story Editing, Editing, Music/Sound


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Director/Cinematographer: Mark Klassen

Content Producer: Laura Ann Fox

Senior Video Editor/Sound Designer: Dylan Butler

Senior Video Editor: Alex Booth

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