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Learning About Cryptocurrency

Web solution
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Project details

We created two websites for this project. The GetSmarterAboutCrypto site is a fully refreshed and customized GSAM (Goldman Sachs Asset Management) website to help citizens access critical information about what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and how to use it wisely. The website was created in both English and French, and built with an easily editable, user-friendly backend Content Management System (CMS). We also created a fully refreshed and customized Investor Office (IO) website, which is the tool through which the Ontario Securities Commission engages in investor outreach, education, and research. The site was also created in English and French. In addition, we produced two investor education videos to raise awareness about the importance for investors of taking practical steps to protect themselves from risks of financial exploitation.


Ontario Securities Commission


UX/UI design, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Animation, Web development


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Producer: Laura Ann Fox

UX/UI Designer: Kiija Gargarello

Animator: Phil Scarano

Sr. Web Developers: Oleg Bogomaz, Vladimir Karadzic

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