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End Violence Against Children: Safe to Learn Event Assets

Graphic design
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Project details

Launched in 2016 by the UN Secretary-General, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is a collaborative platform for world leaders to work towards ending all forms of violence against children. In 2019, the organization hosted a Safe to Learn event as part of a United Nations International Forum in New York. The Safe to Learn campaign sets out to eradicate all forms of violence in schools around the world—such as bullying and corporal punishment—by 2024. Leaders from national governments, the United Nations, and international organizations gathered in New York to discuss the importance of ending violence in schools, and their commitments to achieving this goal. Sandbox created a series of print materials to support the event, including event banners, a podium sign, a postcard keepsake, and an advocacy brief. We also provided on-location event videography and photography, including interviews with speakers. This is one of many projects Sandbox produced for End Violence.


End Violence Against Children


Graphic Design, Event Materials


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Content Producer: Laura Ann Fox

Graphic Designer: Lindsay Smail

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