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End Violence Against Children: Safe to Learn Animated Promo

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Project details

Launched in 2016 by the UN Secretary-General, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is a collaborative platform for world leaders to work towards ending all forms of violence against children. The organization’s Safe to Learn campaign seeks to eradicate all forms of violence in schools—such as bullying and corporal punishment—by 2024. We produced this animated explainer video as a central element in promoting the campaign. It premiered at End Violence’s Safe to Learn global leaders event in 2019, as part of a United Nations International Forum in New York, and was shared across social media by End Violence partners around the world. This is one of many projects Sandbox produced for End Violence.


End Violence Against Children


Scriptwriting, Illustration, Animation/Motion Graphics, Music/Sound


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Content Producer: Laura Ann Fox

Illustrator/Animator: Stephen Minty

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