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Dive: Student Aid

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Project details

We teamed up with the Leadership Lab at the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) to produce Dive: Student Aid, a 16-part documentary series combined with interactive learning elements, all housed on our custom-built platform, called 'Dive'. We brought together a multidisciplinary team of documentary media makers, policy experts and technology professionals to design, develop and test this completely new model for case-based learning. It tells the story of the 2016 policy transformation of student financial aid in Ontario through the personal stories of political leaders, policy experts, students and critics. As viewers watch, interactive visual cues prompt them to ‘dive’ deeper into topics by watching extended interviews or exploring additional resources. All media is accessible for in-class or personalized learning—for both students and the general public. Dive: Student Aid was officially launched in October 2020 and was featured on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin. In 2021, it was used across 8 colleges and universities in Ontario, with the participation of 10 instructors and more than 400 students.


Sandbox Labs + Leadership Lab


Filming, Editing, Story Editing, Music/Sound, Illustration, Animation, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, UX Copywriting, Software Development


Product Lead and Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri
Documentary Director: Dylan Reibling
Project Manager: Ana Cronkite
Cinematographer:Danny Patterson
Technology Lead: Markus Gilles
UX/UI Designer: Jonas Brandau
Frontend Developer: Mathias Sauvestre
Researcher and Story Advisor: Laura Fox
Senior Animator: Stephen Minty
Animator/illustrator: Tom Stockley
Senior Editor & Sound Designer: Dylan Butler
Junior Animator: Yannie Lo
Junior Illustrator: Karolina Ficek
Post-Production Coordinator: Mariana Urrutia

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