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Canada School of Public Service: Authority Delegation Training Module 1

Mixed format
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Project details

The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) provides the Government of Canada with a standardized curriculum that supports government employees throughout their career. We produced scripted e-learning modules for a mandatory training program that managers must complete in order to obtain official authority to make approvals within the organization. By supplementing live-action footage of a bilingual host with dynamic motion graphics, we designed a clear, concise, and engaging format for learners, in both English and French.


Canada School of Public Service


Filming, Script Editing, Animation/Motion Graphics, Editing, Music/Sound


Executive Producer: Boaz Beeri

Content Producer: Laura Ann Fox

Cinematographer: Michael Banasiak

Sound Recordist: Alex Gougeon

Editor/Sound Designer: Dylan Butler

Senior Animators: Tom Stockley and Stephen Minty

Junior Animator: Yannie Lo

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