We ask questions, tell stories and share knowledge to inspire new perspectives. 

What is sandbox media

Sandbox Media is where we produce original content and support independent documentaries and other non-fiction formats, collaborating with those who share our journalistic curiosity. We strive to motivate audiences to think critically, have compassion and feel empowered to act. 

In Production
Sandbox Media x Century Initiative

Century Initiative is a network of Canadians from the business, academic and charitable sectors with a vision for a more prosperous Canada. The organization researches, educates and advocates for priorities that will impact Canada’s future.

Sandbox Media and Century Initiative are developing a series exploring some of these pressing conversations in Canada, including immigration, employment, education, child care and urban development.

How we got here

Sandbox’s history is founded in filmmaking. As an agency, it’s allowed us to use the power of storytelling to help our clients educate and engage audiences to take action. But the way media is consumed today deeply affects how we think and comprehend information; trust and truth are uncertain. As creators we feel a sense of urgency in using our skills to inspire critical thinking.

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A selection of Sandbox productions and co-creations.

AI Futures

Sandbox Media x CIFAR

We partnered with CIFAR, a global research organization, to create this four-part series as part of their AI Futures Policy Labs. Launched in collaboration with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, the labs were a series of five in-person workshops to help emerging policy leaders better respond to the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI). Along with a refreshed visual identity for the workshop, we created this series as a core component to learning. It features some of Canada’s leading experts as they guide viewers through the basics of AI and AI policy—in Canada and the world.

Watch each episode
Thumbnail for AI Futures Videos - What is AI?Thumbnail for AI Futures - How do we use AI?Thumbnail for AI Futures: Policy ChallengesThumbnail for CIFAR AI Futures: AI Policy Options

Dive: Student Aid

Sandbox Media x Ryerson Leadership Lab

Created in partnership with the Ryerson Leadership Lab, Dive: Student Aid is an interactive documentary that takes audiences deeper into the inner-workings of public policy design. A case study for the transformative policy story of Ontario’s ‘free’ post-secondary education is given new life as a 12-part series with the kind of narrative-driven storytelling normally reserved only for film and television. Dive: Student Aid punctuates first-hand accounts and interviews from political leaders, policymakers, journalists, students and critics with visual cues that prompt viewers to ‘dive’ deeper into extended interviews and additional reading. Viewers can watch and explore at their leisure, or as part of a structured course. Dive’s proprietary platform technology was developed by Sandbox Labs.

Trailer and stills
Thumbnail illustration for episode 1Thumbnail illustration for the video The PlayersThumbnail illustration for episode 2thumbnail illustration for episode 3

After the Last River

After the Last River is a feature-length documentary following the remote town of Attawapiskat’s journey into the international spotlight during the Idle No More protests. Filmed over five years, director Vicki Lean captures the mounting environmental issues and conflicting presence of a De Beers diamond mine in the area. The film investigates the complex social, political and economic dynamics of Attawapiskat through personal testimonies of residents, as well as interviews with industry and government representatives. Sandbox Media was happy to support the film as an associate producer.

Awards that After the Last River has won.More awards that After the Last River has won.a collection of awards that the documentary has won
Trailer and stills
Image of a Attawapiskat resident with a Canadian flag draped across her backResidents of Attawapiskat protestingPhoto of the remote town of AttawapiskatOld black and white photo of men posing for a photo in front of a teepee tent.
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