Creating an interactive storytelling platform to push the boundaries of digital learning.
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The Challenge
In 2016, we teamed up with the Ryerson Leadership Lab to tell the transformative story of how the Ontario government made post-secondary education ‘free’. Our team sought out a new way to enhance digital learning by taking this unique case study beyond the traditional text-based or eLearning formats. We assessed the current ways in which audiences consume media and information today, and were challenged to design a completely new model for case-based learning.
The Solution
We created Dive: Student Aid, a 12-episode documentary series with interactive learning elements. We brought together a multidisciplinary team of media makers, policy experts and technology professionals to create the final product, which viewers can watch and explore either at their leisure, or as part of a structured course. The policy narrative is driven by the personal stories of political leaders, policy experts, students and critics, infusing the case study with the kinds of storytelling normally reserved only for film and television.
We designed interactive visual cues that prompt viewers to ‘dive’ deeper into topics by watching extended interviews or exploring additional resources. All media is housed on our custom-built web platform, Dive, which makes it accessible for in-class or personalized learning—for both students and the general public. Dive: Student Aid was officially launched in October 2020 and was featured on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin.
The Path Forward
Following the positive reception of Dive: Student Aid, we realized that the platform itself offered an effective way of organizing video content to support deep learning, giving birth to the Dive Platform. Our Sandbox Labs team is currently building the Dive Platform, which allows video content to become an entry point into thematically tagged Deep Dives. Deep Dives could include extended interviews, documents, infographics, or assessments that enrich engagement and idea exploration. Through designing and developing the new platform, we’re able to take the next step in pushing the boundaries of digital learning.
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