Century Initiative
Transforming a national vision into educational and interactive digital products.
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The Client
Century Initiative is a network of Canadians from the business, academic and charitable sectors focused on responsibly growing the population of Canada to 100 million by 2100. The organization delivers policy recommendations in the areas of immigration, urban development and infrastructure, employment and entrepreneurship, early childhood support and education.
The Task
We collaborate regularly with Century Initiative to translate their work, mission and vision into dynamic and compelling content, helping them better connect with their audiences. Each unique project is part of a larger effort to support this non-partisan organization in building their vision for a more prosperous Canada.
The Result
Throughout our ongoing partnership with Century Initiative, we’ve provided a diverse range of services, from filming to animation, graphic design to interactive web development.
We helped them elevate their visual identity by updating their brand guidelines and redesigning their website to incorporate interactive elements.
We also scripted, illustrated and animated a promotional explainer video to educate viewers on their work and mission.
We recently had the incredible opportunity to design and develop the National Scorecard on Canada’s Growth and Prosperity—Century Initiative’s first-ever tool to track Canada’s progress toward their targets. We brought the organization’s extensive research to life in an interactive online experience, using custom animations, infographics and dynamic web design, while also designing the full report.
As we continue to produce innovative and dynamic content, we strive to deepen our partnerships with these types of changemaking organizations in the public sector.
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