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72 Stafford Street
Toronto, ON, M6J 2R8

+1 (647) 871 2609

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Sandbox Labs (Jonas)




Bridging the Digital Media Gap


Untapped Potential

Sandbox Labs is a media agency and consultancy created to address a common challenge: the power of digital media is rapidly expanding, but many organizations lag behind in realizing its full potential. Ideas for use of media are often conceived in-house and outsourced for execution. Media specialists are brought in late in the game, unable to participate in shaping strategic direction. At the same time, deep content knowledge is often insufficiently integrated into the creative process. That’s where Sandbox Labs comes in.

We bring public policy expertise, organizational strategy, tech development, and media production together in one tightly integrated team. We look at digital media not as an afterthought, but as one of the most powerful tools to deliver on your objectives. We help our clients to fully harness interactive technology and engaging storytelling for public engagement, capacity building, and learning.



In partnership with the Ryerson Leadership Lab, we are creating an interactive documentary series, explaining the intricacies of public policy through the individual stories of the people involved. Distributed via TV broadcast, the documentary will provide a window into the poorly understood world of government decision-making for mainstream audiences. For public policy students, it will serve as an entry point into structured learning modules composed of mixed text, video, infographic, and assessment elements, triggered from within the documentary narrative through a custom web platform and interactive video player.

Working with a major construction union, we are currently rolling out a multi-year VR/AR-focused innovation project funded by the Government of Canada. The goal of the project is to recraft elements of traditional trades certification exams into VR/AR formats to facilitate remote testing for apprentices. Our team is facilitating working groups of expert trades educators across Canada and analyzing national and international trades certification policy frameworks to shape the direction for VR/AR assessment tools. We will then build and pilot these tools in training centres across Canada.


The public, non-profit, and corporate sectors are experiencing a wave of senior leadership transition  as the baby boom generation reaches retirement age. Established knowledge transfer practices are successor oriented, rarely do they focus on retaining institutional knowledge as part of a holistic enterprise strategy. With Experience Archive, we created a structured process to capture and organize knowledge of exiting leaders into a video-driven interactive product, which integrates on-camera interviews, analysis by our consulting team, data visualization, key documents, and archival material to support engaging and dynamic knowledge transfer.

We’d love to hear from you

We’re excited to discuss your digital media strategy, ideas, or challenges. 

Please reach out if you want to:


assess your organization's potential for digital media innovation


reimagine your digital media strategy from the ground up


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bring your existing best practice to the next level


exchange thoughts and experiences on current projects

Together we can make digital media one of your biggest assets.

Sandbox Labs Leadership Team


Boaz Beeri

Co-founder | Producer & Product Lead

Sandbox Labs

Boaz is a seasoned film producer with over fifteen years of experience creating educational, documentary, and fictional content. He spent the last six years leading the creative and business strategy of Sandbox’s film production arm, as CEO and Producer. Boaz is a business leader adept at creating strong interdisciplinary teams and has a passion for using technology for learning. He brings his combined background in business, film, and visual technology to Sandbox Labs.


Jon Medow

Co-founder | Consulting & Strategy Lead

Sandbox Labs

Jon brings a multi-dimensional perspective to Sandbox Labs based in eleven years of policy, research, and public affairs experience on the political and bureaucratic sides of government, in the think tank and non-profit sectors, and in public policy consulting. As Principal of Medow Consulting, Jon works with a network of expert collaborators to build public policy, strategy, and program solutions in areas including workforce development and post-secondary education. 


Boaz Beeri,, +1 (647) 871 2609

Jon Medow,, +1 (647) 298-9962